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Sustainable Leadership Criteria

Especially at the middle leader level, colleagues can work collaboratively to create success criteria that can positively impact student learning by developing knowledge, effectiveness, impact, and contributions toward professional culture. Developing criteria and reflection routines for leadership success that can be sustained over time, adapted, and used at your school will help measure leadership growth and its impact on student learning. This process allows the consideration of individual leadership, team, and overall school growth so that appropriate support can be offered where needed. It allows schools and leaders to know how they are doing and where they might need to make adjustments and/or decisions to continue on the same path.

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Integrated ATL Skills

Core & More Education offers a set of integrated competences, explicitly including the attitudes, values and aims of Education for Sustainable Development, I-DEA, Global Citizenship and, for those using the IB, Learner Profile attributes. Starting a plan for learning from this important top layer ensures for our students the comprehensive program for which we aim.

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Series 1: PYP Essentials

Supporting Schools New to PYP

Qridi core uses innovative technology to align and integrate elements of the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme including Approaches to Learning, Learner Profile, Key and Related Concepts, and Transdisciplinary learning, providing the capability to monitor for balance and support inquiry learning through engaging and individual learning paths for students.

ATL Skills at the Forefront

Teachers and students can choose the Approaches to Learning as a lens for planning and learning using Qridi Core’s innovative digital technology. Choose your own alignment path or take advantage of pre-aligned and prioritized content, and use ongoing visualization of elements selected during planning and assessment to ensure balance. Gain holistic insight, and make data-informed decisions using assessment views that show ATL progress and achievement to support learning in your context.

Learner Profile in Practice

Qridi core uses innovative technology to align and integrate Learner Profile attributes to the Approaches to Learning. Teachers select their own or pre-aligned Learner Profile attributes which automatically transfer to the interactive planner and are then brought forward to learning engagements. Students regularly self-assess in this area, and teachers, parents, and peers can contribute to a growing profile of the development of these important dispositions.

Focus on Key and Related Concepts

Qridi core uses innovative technology to align and integrate one Key and three Related Concepts to each ATL skill. Teachers select their own or pre-aligned concepts which automatically transfer to the interactive planner and are then brought forward to learning engagements. Assessment views for each stakeholder show conceptual progress and achievement.

Interactive PYP Planner

With Qridi Core, everything is in one place, and teachers can easily select all PYP elements and even subject content from drop-down menus. Planning is streamlined, and live feedback is provided on the one-page editable planner where fields are automatically populated when selections are made resulting in a balanced and connected programme.

Series 2: Achieving Balance & Clarity

Prioritized Subject Content

Learning outcomes for ten subjects have been uploaded into Qridi Core with prioritized outcomes identified to ensure manageability, coherence, and more time for inquiry. Each core learning outcome has been aligned to up to ten ATL skills, and core data points have also been indicated, providing sustainable and aligned assurance of completion, progress, and attainment.

Content & ATL Skills aligned

With each core learning outcome aligned to up to ten ATL skills, completion and coherence are ensured by using pre-aligned paths or choosing your own. Cumulative and ongoing visualization of elements selected during planning and assessment ensures balance. Processes are streamlined and sustainable, and reflection and forward planning are data-informed.

Planning & Teaching – Reflecting on Balance

Qridi Core uses innovative digital technology to streamline the PYP planning process by providing a manageable way to maintain focus on essential elements. Comparative data indicates elements taught and learned in current and previous units. Reflection, as well as forward planning, is data-informed ensuring consistent and sustainable practice.

Monitoring Core Data Points

Success criteria are easily established and monitored using Qridi Core’s innovative technology. Subjects can be filtered to show prioritized outcomes and core data points, including for more than one grade or subject. Coherence is ensured as data views for each stakeholder are provided to show completion, progress, and attainment.

Truly Transdisciplinary Learning

With learning outcomes from ten subjects aligned to the Approaches to Learning, seeing relevant connections among subjects is made easy for both teachers and students. Learning engagements are created similarly, providing useful data views across subjects and resulting in holistic and shared views of student progress and achievement made possible through Qridi Core’s innovative digital technology.

Series 3: Supporting Stakeholders

Supporting Student Wellness

With detailed and developmentally appropriate Personal & Social Education learning outcomes included, Qridi Core makes it easy to support increased students’ social skills, confidence and growth mindsets. Using innovative digital technology, students have increased voice, choice, and ownership and learning becomes more important and meaningful.

Supporting Teacher Collaboration

All elements of PYP are in one place, which teachers can choose from dropdown menus and buttons. The one-page editable planner with key elements automatically populated when learning outcomes are chosen makes planning quicker and more comprehensive. Live feedback is provided during planning and teaching to ensure completion and coherence, and teachers can choose pre-aligned and prioritized learning outcomes or create their own, sharing across the Qridi Core community. Collaboration occurs throughout the unit and not just at the planning stage as live data views include all subjects.

Supporting Parent Partnership – VIDEO COMING SOON!

Parents are informed about learning in an ongoing way through live access to their child’s progress and attainment. Partnership is guaranteed with parents involved in goal setting, learning portfolios, and more. Regular communication through messaging allows for general information to be shared easily, ensuring parents are connected and involved.

Supporting Instructional Leadership – VIDEO COMING SOON!

Leaders can easily access learning and planning across cohorts allowing for straightforward and manageable analysis of data. Professional development opportunities are easily identified based on visible trends. Balanced is ensured and impactful decision-making is data-informed.

Series 4: Going further with Qridi Core – WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE INFO!

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