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Sustainable Leadership Criteria

Especially at the middle leader level, colleagues can work collaboratively to create success criteria that can positively impact student learning by developing knowledge, effectiveness, impact, and contributions toward professional culture. Developing criteria and reflection routines for leadership success that can be sustained over time, adapted, and used at your school will help measure leadership growth and its impact on student learning. This process allows the consideration of individual leadership, team, and overall school growth so that appropriate support can be offered where needed. It allows schools and leaders to know how they are doing and where they might need to make adjustments and/or decisions to continue on the same path.

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Integrated ATL Skills

Core & More Education offers a set of integrated competences, explicitly including the attitudes, values and aims of Education for Sustainable Development, I-DEA, Global Citizenship and, for those using the IB, Learner Profile attributes. Starting a plan for learning from this important top layer ensures for our students the comprehensive program for which we aim.

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