What commitment is needed from the school to take on Qridi Core?

Schools can try Qridi Core in individual classes, in one grade level or throughout the school, depending on circumstances and need. Currently, Qridi Core is available on Qridi which is designed to be user-friendly for teachers, teaching teams, students and other stakeholders. For additional information about how you can best approach the implementation of Qridi Core in your context, get in touch here (Interest Form) or via email: c.orkiszlang@core-and-more.com.

Our school doesn’t use an International Baccalaureate Curriculum. Can we still use Qridi Core?

The development of Core & More Education began with the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), but the concept applies to any curriculum where there is a goal to increase focus on 21st Century Skills. There are plans to develop Qridi Core options to cater for specific curricula. You can indicate your needs on the Interest Form and we’ll be in touch.

Do you have more questions?

Feel free to submit any questions you have about Core & More Education or Qridi Core in the Question & Answer (Q & A) Form. Where relevant, I will add your question(s) and answer(s) to our growing bank of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and also get back to you personally to support.