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Christine Orkisz Lang is an educational consultant and founder of Core & More Education. She is a visionary inquiry-based instructional leader and author of the original International Schools Curriculum Project (ISCP) / International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Christine holds a BA in Liberal Studies, a MEd in Mathematics and a PhD in Linguistics/Inquiry-Based Learning. She has taught Primary and Middle School students in US, Austrian and international schools as both a class and single-subject teacher. Additionally, she has extensive leadership experience as a Curriculum Leader, Grade Leader and Primary Principal.

For over 30 years, Christine has been leading teachers as a dynamic and insightful trainer and professional development specialist in a variety of capacities at venues including NIST Bangkok, Frankfurt International School, Zurich International School, International School Hannover Region, Overseas Family School Singapore, IB Regional Conferences, ECIS Annual and Early Childhood Conferences, University of Vienna, University of Education Vienna, Putting it into Practice and In-Thinking. Additionally, Christine has published articles in the International School magazine and has contributed to the original Primary Inquirer Series and Zum Beispiel Mathematik publications. 

Christine continues to support IB and other forward-thinking schools, which you can find out more about below.

Current projects

Product Developer

Christine is a builder and articulator of creative and sustainable structures and works with the award-winner Finnish company Qridi to design an innovative digital tool to support teachers and learning. Qridi Core simplifies planning and allows teachers to direct their efforts toward guiding and encouraging learners on their individual learning paths, knowing that all curriculum elements are in balance throughout the inquiry cycle.

Additionally, Christine also supports MathTime, a start-up company based in Austria designing new mathematics manipulatives and student and teacher materials to support conceptual understanding. Check out the newly launched website to find out more: https://math-time.eu/.

Professional & Instructional Coach

You can get book an online coaching session with Christine through MiniPD, an online professional development hub for international educators. She offers session topics such as Approaches to Learning, Interdisciplinary Curriculum & Instruction, IB Standards and Practices, Gifted & Talented Education and more.

Christine joined other MiniPD coaches in the summer of 2022 as part of the Coaches in Conversation series on the topic of Middle Level Leadership and collaborated in the monthly theme by sharing her professional insight, which you can read more about here. (A link to the recording of the session is provided below.)

Courses, Webinars, and Workshops

Christine offers a bundle of four MiniCourses through MiniPD on Approaches to Learning in the PYP. Click here to find out more and get university credit information here.


Christine shares her articles regularly on a variety of educational topics on this website and via partnerships with other organizations, aiming to support teachers and students in forward-thinking schools.

Hot off the press! A guide for Approaches to Learning in the PYP for ManageBac users.

Take a look here: Resource Library · ManageBac 

She is also currently translating the Minimath books from German into English as part of a project to support mathematics in local kindergartens and primary schools.

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Christine is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Leader, a Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation evaluator, and is active within the Central Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) and Association of Central European IB Schools (ACES) communities.

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Are you looking to connect with like-minded educators addressing the issue of content overload with a focus on 21st Century skills? Are you ready to explore ways to use increased student and teacher agency to improve student learning and have more time for inquiry? Are you interested to consider piloting the Core and More Education approach and its accompanying digital learning platform?

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Christine Orkisz Lang

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